Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

Odd Man Out

William Dougal is on the high road to respectability: he is a responsible father and he is holding down a job. This happy state of affairs suffers a rude setback, though, when he kills a man during a squabble. The killing may have been unpremeditated, but for a number of pressing reasons Dougal has no intention of going to the police; instead he is left with the task of disposing of a large, unwieldy body, currently lying on the floor of his girlfriend Celia's house.

A moment later, seemingly fortuitously, his old rival and current employer Hanbury arrives, a man uniquely qualified to assist with this sort of problem. Indeed, Hanbury is delighted to help a friend in need, but as always there is a price - a price, as Dougal is to discover, higher - and more dangerous than expected.

"Taylor makes the tasteless a very tasty dish indeed." Sunday Times

"Shameless but engaging..." Observer

"Funny, suspenseful, engagingly amoral. Splendid example of the devil not only having the best tunes, but several top soloists to play them." Literary Review