Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

The Sleeping Policeman

When William Dougal is asked by a young doctor, Graham Hanslope, to investigate a case of blackmail, he suspects - quite rightly - that crucial information is being withheld. Visiting the doctor's country cottage, Dougal finds the small village community seething with suspicions and rivalry.
A local hit-and-run incident, adultery, a community of gnomes and a spate of burglaries lead inexorably to murder. All the evidence points in one direction, but Dougal, as usual, comes up with another answer, one so bizarre it will be almost impossible to prove ...

"This is undoubtedly Andrew Taylor's best book yet" T.J.Binyon, Evening Standard

"Enjoyable voyeuristic peep at greedy, back-scratching local community" Guardian

"Keen, quirky, dying-fall entertainment." Sunday Times