Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

Blood Relation

Now working with his old rival Hanbury in a private detection agency, Dougal is given a delicate task by his boss's daughter: her lover, Oswald Finwood, has disappeared and she wants him found. As Finwood works for Gasset and Lode, publishers for whom Dougal has freelanced, he seems the right man for the job.
Has Finwood done a runner? An embarrassing possibility. What does his estranged wife know about it? And who is the mysterious A.J. McQuarm with whom Finwood had an appointment on the day he disappeared?

The deeper Dougal digs, the murkier the investigation becomes - especially after the first corpse turns up.

"Taylor keep the enigma literate and unflagging to a lively disclosure." Sunday Times

"Literate sleuthing and some sharp, well-aimed digs at the publishing scene." The Times

"Well-modulated, enjoyable criminous entertainment." Guardian