Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

Freelance Death

Dougal's friend Celia is working for a London PR agency, but the job gets a nasty spin after the death of a colleague, Arabella Lorton. Her husband Rod digs up unpleasant facts about her and her former employer, Ivor Newley. Lorton wants revenge on the living and persuades William Dougal to lend a hand.

Newley's pride and joy is his collection of rare coins, many of which he obtained by shady means - including a Jacobite guinea that simply shouldn't exist. If the collection were to disappear, Dougal reasons, Newley would not be in a position to call in the police. He would also be vulnerable to blackmail. But Dougal has miscalculated - when it is time to collect the money, there is only a corpse.

"...neatly put together, witty and fast-moving." Sunday Times

"Taylor's fifth witty and intricate story about amiable, amoral William Dougal moves him even closer to the top of the British first division." Time Out

"The intrigues are first-rate, and so it the author's depiction of life in the fast lane." New York Newsday