Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

An Old School Tie

No doubt it seemed a good idea at the time. James Hanbury has become a reformed character by the simple expedient of marrying into wealth and respectability at a splendid ceremony in Rosington Cathedral. Among the congregation were many people who had known a very different side of James Hanbury.

Alas, on the very day of the happy couple's return from honeymoon, the unfortunate Mrs Hanbury is electrocuted by a faulty lamp. Strange to say, not everyone believes that this was an accident. Malicious gossip points an accusing finger at the apparently sorrowing but undoubtedly wealthy widower.

Hanbury's other problems include his late spouse's dogs. There's only one thing for it. He turns to William Dougal for help.

"Literate and amusing, this one features Dougal at his best." Library Journal

" worthwhile for the people as the crimes." Time Out

"Taylormade to suit all who enjoy clawing at clues." Sunday Times

"A cleverly plotted, entertaining story." Kirkus Reviews