Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

Caroline Minuscule

"Dougal ... the first of the modern British detectives." Val McDermid (in her foreword to the Poisoned Pen edition of Caroline Minuscule, 2001)

They say you always remember the first time, the first one. William Dougal was the hero of my first novel. He was my first character. At the time I thought he had quite a lot in common with his creator. As time went by, however, Dougal became a multi-murderer and a louche private investigator of low moral fibre; and I like to think that any resemblance has decreased to the point of invisibility.

"The creepiest private eye in the business, William Dougal..." Philip Oakes in the Literary Review

Follow the linkto read about the writing of the first in the series, Caroline Minuscule, and the creation of Dougal, and also about the series as a whole and about individual titles. The Poisoned Pen edition of Caroline Minuscule is available in the US.

"In William Dougal, Andrew Taylor has created one of the most attractive amateur detectives in fiction." Harriet Waugh in The Spectator

And the story may not be over...