Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

The Scratch

Amazon’s number one Gothic Romance

Clare and Gerald live the perfect life in a remote cottage in the Forest of Dean on the borders in England and Wales. Cannop the cat has lived with them since they found him as a kitten deep in the Forest.

But perfection is fragile. Jack, the young nephew Clare has never met, comes from another world - active service in Afghanistan, an experience which has left him outwardly untouched.

Apart from a scratch on his arm that won't heal.

Jack and Cannop the cat don't like each other. But Clare and Jack like each other too much. The scratch begins to fester.

A story of love, retribution and the strangeness of cats, The Scratch is a 21,000-word novella. It is available in print form in the collection
Fireside Gothic, and also individually as an ebook.