Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

The Roth Trilogy

"Taylor is a complex writer with...the admirable goal of trying to move the traditional crime novel on to some deeper level of exploration. " Jane Jakeman, The Independent

What happens if a female serial killer has maternal instincts? If she has the face of an angel and a taste for little children? Like an archaeological dig, these three novels are designed to strip away the layers of a psychopath's history.

The structure of the Roth Trilogy is probably unique in crime fiction - and perhaps in any sort of fiction. It is composed of interlocking stories; each novel is self-contained and may be read independently of the others.

Each book discreetly modifies the others, and each is written in a different style. Taken as a whole, they make one large novel, which should keep readers occupied for the longest transcontinental flights. The omnibus edition, Requiem For An Angel, .  It has been reissued under the title Fallen Angel as the TV tie-in.

Fallen Angel, starring Charles Dance and Emilia Fox and a host of other talented actors, was broadcast on ITV1.  

The three books are now available in an omnibus edition under the titles Requiem For an Angel or Fallen Angel, with a foreword by Frances Fyfield

Ebook editions are also available. A short story, ‘The Long Sonata of the Dead’, gives a glimpse of the continuing legacy of one of the characters.