Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

Where Roses Fade

When Mattie Harris laughs in the soft darkness of a May night, it is the last time her voice is heard. Soon the rain-swollen river sweeps her body back to Lydmouth. Mattie couldn't swim. did she fall into the water? Could she have jumped?

Mattie was a waitress at the Gardenia Cafe, a woman of little consequence. So why are some of Lydmouth's leading citizens so anxious to establish that her death was accidental? Then the rumours begin to circulate, and with them comes another death.

As fear tightens its hold on the town, Jill Francis and Richard Thornhill can no longer avoid each other and the bitter-sweet implications of their attraction. But there are more secrets here. The living have their secrets as well as the dead.

"The latest in the excellent Lydmouth mysteries..." The Times

"Carefully constructed and finely honed... Taylor exercises great authorial control... What makes these novels transcend the average mystery is the author's uncanny ability to create another era so comprehensively that the reader is walking along the same pavements and driving the same cars..." Frances Fyfield, Independent

"The people depicted here are real and believable and the drabness and genteel facade of Fifties England is skilfully brought to light. Taylor is, as always, adept at showing the reality beneath the surface." Susanna Yager, Sunday Telegraph