Andrew Taylor

Crime and Historical Novelist

The Suffocating Night

When squatters move into a disused military camp near Lydmouth, public opinion is divided: do they have a genuine and desperate need of shelter or are they merely unpatriotic scroungers and Communist sympathisers? The controversy attracts the attention of Cameron Rowse, a right-wing London journalist. There are other strangers in Lydmouth - a leading Labour MP, and the anonymous Man with the Fish. Each has his secret agenda.

When Rowse is found murdered in the Bathurst Arms, Detective Inspector Richard Thornhill has no shortage of suspects. One of them is Philip Wemyss-Brown, editor of the Lydmouth Gazette - the friend and employer of Jill Francis. Once again, Jill and Richard Thornhill pursue the same answers for conflicting reasons.

This time, however, there is a difference. Thornhill and Jill Francis have a second problem to solve. And this one is even harder, and far more personal.

"Excellent classic mystery." Guardian

"Marvellously creepy" Mail on Sunday

"As usual with Taylor's stories, there is more to the puzzle than is immediately apparent. It's another satisfying read in which the characters are as important as the events and the tensions develop naturally, without contrivance." Susanna Yager, Sunday Telegraph

"...a classic detective story which is deceptively calm and cool, but really smashing." Frances Fyfield, Daily Express